What the World Thinks

I was asked for a more global perspective on the world of print optimization.  Up until that request I had always thought my blogs were very big, bold and worldly.  Go figure!  POG Consulting does a lot of print optimization work throughout North America, so it is easy to forget what the rest of the world thinks.  Allow me to share the results of a global conference I recently participated in, where the topic of discussion was precisely Print Optimization and Managed Print Services.

First things first … Except for the guy from Sweden, everyone agreed that Canada was the hockey capital of the world.  I added that comment in so everyone can appreciate that even Print Optimization people around the world have a sense of humor, a bit warped perhaps, but a sense of humor none-the-less.   Despite the fact that everyone else had a weird accent, the print challenges experienced in North America are the same in Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, France, India, the UK and elsewhere. Oh sure, the Australian accent did cause a few polite chuckles, but that is simply because they use interesting words to describe normal everyday stuff.  I really should watch Crocodile Dundee again.

Regardless of what country you live in, the vendors want to sell hardware and toner, …and the more the better.  I guess global consistency is an admirable quality. Clients tend not to worry about device utilization rates until someone questions how much output is laying beside the printer or how much dust is on a device that has obviously seen very little use.  It is common across North America and elsewhere in the world for a client to not fully understand or appreciate what your real print spend is, because the environment is fragmented across multiple departments and budgets.  Independent and transparent measuring in addition to standard vendor reporting is becoming more important as large companies want to be actively involved in managing their print environments.  My all-time favorite “what the world thinks” finding is … everyone has a slightly different definition of what Managed Print Services (MPS) actually is or what it does.  I would blame all of us for that … vendors, clients and consultants.  The world-wide confusion about MPS does generate interesting conversations about what direction to take.  However, the one thing that POG and customers of MPS (like you) can agree on is that whatever you call it, and whatever you are paying for it, you would probably like to pay a whole bunch less and get a whole bunch more for the money.  This what we call Print Optimization at it ‘s most fundamental level.

Now you know what the world thinks about Print Optimization.  I believe POG Consulting will have opportunities to address for many years to come.  Maybe we can be of service to you?