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February 29th, 2012 Webinar:

Topic: Print is Painful and Expensive. Do you Want to Fix it?

Post Secondary Institutions that engage POG Consulting to optimize their printing environments want to save money and save the planet.  Both great objectives for sure, but do you know how to optimize your print environment and control your overly enthusiastic hardware vendor?  Most don’t and get frustrated trying.   Print is painful and expensive.  Our 13 minute Webinar is designed to relieve the pain, or at least share some words of wisdom so it is less painful and less expensive à  like medication for print problems!!

October 19th, 2011 Webinar:

Topic: Preparing for the Inevitable

Print Optimization – Eventually you will be involved !
Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments across Canada are focusing on cost optimization and environmental sustainment. Print optimization has become one of the main areas of interest across the Government. POG Consulting, an industry independent consulting organization focused on print optimization, will present the key areas of consideration and preparation for the steps of print optimization across your Department or Ministry.    

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