The Vendor Control Party  (VCP)

When you go to Blog writing school, you are taught not to touch sensitive topics such as religion, politics and sex.  The “risk to offend” potential hovers ever-so-close when you delve into these sacred subjects.  As a number of you may know, my last blog talked about starting up the Church of Printology.  The congregation is growing a bit slower than expected, but not to worry, there are 6 of us that have the faith and believe!!  The numbers will increase.  Now that a new religion is successfully off the ground so to speak, allow me to jump right into politics.

It is clear to me that print optimization needs to immerse itself in politics, so I have decided to form the Vendor Control Party (VCP).  Every political party needs a platform that they can preach to the public in order to gain support and increase their membership.  Actually, that kinda sounds similar to the mandate of the Church of Printology.  Interesting!!  The VCP platform will be to address injustices and imbalances in distributed printing environments caused by renegade hardware vendors and value-add suppliers. The word “renegade” in politics might imply far left wingers or far right wingers.  Not sure which is the case here, so let’s refer to the renegade vendors as simply “wingers”!  If we continue on with this train of thought, the clients are in the middle, getting attacked by “wingers” from both sides!  Print based politics seem complex and rough which is exactly how print works in the real world, even without the politics!!

The VCP should attract the attention of CIOs and CFOs. Those are the people getting attacked by the “wingers”!!  Our platform is all about helping CIOs and CFOs attain their goals while avoiding all those injustice and imbalance issues noted above. Now that we have that established, how should the voting work?  Those CIOs and CFOs that believe they are served best by their existing vendor will continue to vote in favor of re-electing that vendor … i.e. a “winger” supporter.  Those who have doubts, or maybe just a small twinge of anxiety about their existing vendor, can now vote VCP.  Let the vote splitting start!   After all who would you rather trust with all the control and power over your distributed print environment?  The “wingers” who have so much to gain from doing it their way, or your own team with support from the Vendor Control Party and their noble cause of correcting injustices and imbalances. The VCP just wants to put your money back in your pocket where it belongs?  You see how it works!!  …and you were worried about a potential tax increase!   Vote VCP!!