The Print Market is Stuck àPOG’s Top 10 Observations
As independent print consultants, POG is in a unique position to get market feedback from clients and vendors.  A lot has changed over the past 8 months.  Here is what I know about the marketplace …
1. Clients have no or very little money to spend on the printing environment.
2. Print upgrades, changes or optimization is not a priority.
3. Clients would prefer to do nothing, defer or delay print decisions.
4. Metrics are becoming more important.  Clients want to know print metrics.
5. Many clients feel their environments are in good shape.  No action required.
6. Vendors are cutting back to compensate for lower activity levels.
7. Large scale print environment outsourcing is not that popular right now.
8. Sales people are pushing hard, maybe too hard sometimes to get the deal.
9. Decisions to buy, not buy, select or close a deal are taking forever.
10. Vendors and clients are both frustrated in a market that seems stuck.

Some will agree with my observations, while others may see the world a whole lot different.  I believe those organizations with innovative, creative and different approaches to print optimization that generate true value in these challenging economic times will prevail.  A few months ago, and after 17 successful years in the print consulting business, I completely revamped POG’s service offerings to better serve our clients. Now, the last service offering on POG’s list is consulting.  Please read my February 22, blog for “The Answer“.  People want the answer first, then they will decide what to do with it and when.  The approach is working!

Getting frustrated with the client or the vendor isn’t going to work.  A different and refreshing approach will encourage more interest and attention from the marketplace.  Different can be very good. At POG we take great pride in being different.