The Power Of A Name

After heading up POG Consulting for over 18 years now, I have heard a lot of reasons for not hiring a consultant.  As you can appreciate, the most common one is … “You are way too expensive!”.  We do charge for the services we provide, and if you don’t see the value, it can appear to be expensive.  I know.  I know.  You want the huge savings and you want to regain control over the printing environment.  You just don’t want to spend the money to do it.  That’s OK.  Not to worry.  (insert long pause here)

Once again the R&D lab at POG Consulting has come up with a solution.  It has been successfully tested with a few POG clients. The approach is easy to implement, generates immediate results and is absolutely free.  No strings attached.  Just use the POG name.  Let your vendor know that POG will soon be starting to measure the vendor’s service and support efforts …and the competitiveness of the print environment as a whole.  No. No.  You see … that is the beauty of the plan.  You don’t actually have to hire us.  You don’t owe us anything.  Just use the name.

Apparently POG has a strong enough reputation in the marketplace that the mere mention of our name will generate better service and cost reductions of 5% or more.  We encountered another satisfied customer just last week, with their consulting budget intact, improved vendor service levels and significant savings. Our metrics based service offerings must be good.  We don’t even have to implement them to capture cost reductions.  Just imagine what we could do if you actually applied them.  We will save that for another time.  For right now, please use our name and let your vendor know that POG will start measuring next week.  Do let us know how that works for you.  Thanks.