The Paperless Vision
My team wanted me to write a blog about how tablet technology and extensive automation are reducing the amount of paper people use.  They send me stories and news clips about groups who have eliminated or sharply reduced paper volumes.  Trees are saved and the world is a beautiful place.  I am sure all those inspirational stories are true and many people have, and will continue to benefit from technologies that help people not print, … but I am not going to write that blog. 

I have lived long enough to experience the hyped up “Paperless Office” that never was.  I have listened to large corporations explain in detail how much “not print” automation they have put in place, only to find through a print assessment they print more than ever.  This week alone, I have heard that one large client expects their central repro volumes will increase by 30 million sheets of paper next year, and another large US based financial client stated their color volume has increased from 20,000 impressions per month in 2004 to over 1 million impressions per month now in 2011.  That is a lot of print! 


My guess is that there will be a lot of printing for some time to come despite all the exciting automation efforts that technology has to offer.  Companies still print a lot.  They all want to print less, save money and save the planet.  I do believe there will continue to be lots of opportunities for Print Optimization and Print Automation for many years to come. 


So to my team … I just can’t write a blog about the paperless vision!