POG Consulting and Managed Health Care Associates Partnership


POG Consulting continuously looks for opportunities to provide cost reduction optimization services for those organizations who would benefit from the process. In April 2017, POG Consulting and Managed Health Care Associates Inc. signed a partnership contract to offer print optimization services through the MHA GPO offerings.

MHA is the largest alternate site Group Purchasing Organization in the United States and has established itself as a leading health care services and technology company that offers a growing portfolio of services and solutions to support the diverse and complex needs of the alternate care facilities across United States.

Across the spectrum of alternate site health care providers, certain common business operation fundamentals make up ‘the cost of doing business’. This includes office supplies, phone and mobile services, delivery and shipping, facility maintenance.

To help you capture additional opportunities to drive out costs and free up resources to focus on delivering optimum care, MHA has applied their service-oriented group purchasing model and well-established contract negotiation expertise to expand their contract portfolio with a comprehensive range of business products and services.

This is where POG Consulting provides a perfect fit to the MHA cost optimization initiatives.

POG Consulting is an independent Print Optimization Solutions provider that has an excellent track record of identifying, capturing and measuring significant print / output related cost reductions while improving end user satisfaction and productivity. We address what organizations don’t know, and believe it is what you don’t know about your print environment that can be the source of both concern and opportunity. Our work with alternate health facilities has provided solutions to budget reductions, updated technology strategies, and service reliability issues.

The MHA and POG partnership has expanded MHA offerings to print optimization services. This provides large cost reduction opportunities for hundreds of alternative health facilities across the United States. For an example of a Canadian Case Study please click here.

For more information on the MHA and POG Consulting offerings, please contact us at:

Maria Yannakos Director of Business Products and Services, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. 973-805-2952 MYannakos@mhainc.com

Jim Rempel President, POG Consulting 403-870-2756 Jim.Rempel@printopsgroup.com