Sorry … from POG Consulting …

I know.  I know.  Those that know me will know that I don’t even know how to spell “sorry”.  Acknowledgement  à   My assistant inserted the word on my behalf.  Here is what I am supposed to apologize for, just so you know.  Apparently and from time to time … I suggest that maybe … just maybe … some print manufacturers are not supporting the cost reduction targets set out by the client.  My thought is that the vendors might be accidentally selling more hardware then the client actually needs, convincing clients to take color MFDs when a B&W will do, and maybe … just maybe, measuring the results slightly differently than the client was expecting.  The vendors cry “foul” and “not fair Jim”.  I am sure they use other words as well, but we best not use them in this blog. There I go, picking on the vendors again!


Vendors and clients both believe in print optimization, but each defines it differently.  Print Optimization to a vendor is gaining control and maximizing profit levels.  Print Optimization to a client is consolidating equipment, reducing costs and improving end user satisfaction levels.  There is an inherent disconnect.  Each has different share holders with different expectations.  There will always be a conflict. 


Example … POG conducted an assessment and identified significant cost reduction and optimization opportunities.  The chosen vendor decided to ignore that strategy in favor of “Color MFDs for everyone”.  The client told us not to worry.  They had everything under control.  Now, 13 months later, the client is asking where the savings are.   None existent, and in fact they are now spending more than before.  Not so good.  Having the vendor measure themselves isn’t working too well either.  The results are great … always great.


So there you go.  My observations, comments and opinions are obviously unreasonable. Ya, right!  I see this situation happen over and over again, to large organizations with smart people running them. To those vendors who think POG Consulting is picking on them unfairly … Sorry … but keep doing what you are doing, and there will always be a need for POG.  In fact … Sorry and Thank you!