Social Responsibility and Cultural Navigation

In every client engagement, POG strives to deliver the best possible solution for each customer. We have built our reputation over the past 17 years by taking the time and resources to make sure we understand our individual client’s requirements. The adage of “One shoe fits all” does not hold in our organization.

We have found that the technical side of the solution is often times the least complicated. The human factor, that of resistance to change, concern over status and appearance are often where the most care and diligence need to be devoted.  The best technical plan poorly communicated and implemented will generate sub-standard results. For this reason, we have dedicated significant resources to change management, communications and understanding the clients’ culture and individual needs.

POG’s Cultural Navigation© Process

What is it àAchieving deployment objectives and success is dependent on end user buy-in and support. Unfortunately, this critical element is often overlooked when planning and executing a print
optimization initiative. To mitigate this situation, POG has developed a comprehensive “Cultural Navigation©” process to maximize the efficiency and success of deployment. Cultural Navigation© is a multi-faceted change management approach that ensures the implementation of an approved print strategy at an organizational level while engaging each user group in tailoring the solution to meet business requirements.

Control àManagement and control of the chosen service provider is critical. Their business objectives do not always align well with those of the client. (i.e. Client à reduce operating costs, consolidate devices, print less versus Vendor à buy more, print more and spend more) POG’s independence and Cultural Navigation© process will quickly and efficiently resolve conflicting agendas.

Best Practices àPOG’s Print Knowledge Database© (PKD) is the culmination of 17 years and 160 sets of real life print data used for benchmarking and identifying applicable industry best practices. The entire Cultural Navigation© process pulls data from the PKD, combines it with senior level experienced consultants to benefit the client and their print optimization program.

End User Buy-in àThe best strategy and/or the neatest technology in the world will not work if the end users do not buy-in and provide their support. The Cultural Navigation© approach is to communicate to and work with the end user groups to explain what is happening, why and then point out the benefits though creative communications and visual “dots on paper” floor designs. With end user buy-in, the hardware installation will go much quicker and smoother. Cost reduction targets will be achieved while end user satisfaction levels improve, and that is what print optimization is all about.