So What’s a Client To Do?

Either through a consultant, or on your own, you have figured out that your print hardware and services vendor is not doing the bang-up job you were hoping for.  You are spending more than you want.  You’re guessing that some SLAs are not being met.  You may not be sure where the issues are, but you know something is wrong.  So what do you do?

Surprisingly, many do absolutely nothing.  They have no money to investigate or fix the problem.  They have many other priorities to deal with so no time to spend on it.  The contract is new and the logic is … if it is not broken, don’t fix it.  I am sure there are other excuses as well.  The “do nothing” scenario is frustrating for me.  I see so much opportunity to fix and improve existing print vendor contracts and relationships, or opportunities to start new and better print partnerships.  Putting the problem on the “ignore” list, does not make it go away.  It makes it worse. 

I keep preaching two words to those that listen … KNOW and CONTROL.  If you know, through metrics, what is going on in your print environment, you can control it and the vendor that supports it.  If you don’t know, the control and related profits default to the vendor.  KNOWING does not have to cost a lot and does not have to take a lot of time to acquire.  KNOWING generates more opportunities for improvement than many realize or can imagine. 

So … What’s a Client To Do?  Take the time and spend the money to KNOW, so you can CONTROL.  POG Consulting helps companies KNOW so they can CONTROL.  It works very well.