Often I receive inquiries about projections for the future. The majority of these questions center around print volumes and the probability of eliminating print from the document workflow.
I wanted to address one of these questions in this month’s blog.

Question: “Do you have industry stats for what is happening in regards to print volumes across the industry?  Some organizations predict a 2 – 5% decline in 2012, I would kind of like to see what the forecasts are for the next 5 years if possible.”
I have been fortunate enough to live long enough to see declining volume predictions for many years. I am sure for some organizations declining volumes are a reality.  For most it is not. Print volumes are impacted by technology such as the web, IPads, IPhones and other electronic media.  Volumes are also impacted by those who wish to save the planet by making a conscious decision to not print.  That movement is gaining momentum.   Volumes have gone down and will continue to drop as a result of people printing less, or at best trying to print less. No argument there.
Those who predict, can often generate that prediction from a static position.  Organizations are not static.  Organizations will grow and expand. Even while applications may print less, and technology will offer an electronic option, and people will try to not print when possible, there are simply more people and therefore more print.  There are new applications that can print amazing reports.  At best you break even.  Worst case, you will print more.  Over the many years, print volume has increased by a few percentage points each year.  The paper mills will not be out of business anytime soon.