As I write this I wonder if I am going to ruffle some feathers. Being in the area of sales, things are often witnessed which are not “supposed” to be mentioned…especially in a Blog.  Yet I do want to write about the concepts

 which intrigue me in the industry and which may bring some enlightenment or amusement to others. So yet again, I will take a chance.

Print Optimization is not a difficult concept. The industry has completely accepted it now. The actual process is not so easy however – due to the human nature of resistance to change. Organizations who do undertake Print Optimization do end up going through a significant amount of internal planning, process changes, and re capturing of control – all tasks which take time but make the rewards that much bigger.

However, what strikes me as the most interesting is the level of politics attached to this internal process within some organizations and for some Managers.  Some individuals feel that their role within the organization, or their industry image, will be outwardly threatened by reviewing the print environment which has existed to date. They keep their cards close to their chest, not allowing anyone to even benchmark what they have done to date. Those are the people who ironically also are very vocal about the incredible job the organization has done to date with regards to keeping their costs down in the area of print. Why benchmark? It’s a waste of time! The equipment vendor is doing a great job…no, they do not have any metrics which are not provided by the vendor themselves…but they are completely in control!

I have now had the pleasure of working with a few organizations who years ago bragged about their impressively cost efficient print environment. Some of these same organizations are usually in the worst mess possible. I often ask myself – why? Why not be proactive and look for processes to assist you to become more successful internally? I guess it comes down to the same thing every time – pride. If anyone finds out the print environment is a mess, it will look bad on them.

There are a lot of individuals within decision making roles who are tied down to their pride and fear – limiting their larger outlook. Those limiting decisions are excused on internal politics. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of Managers and Executives who see the bigger picture and think outside of their personal comfort zone. They are the people who want to uncover any possible areas of improvement for the sake of organizational improvement. 

Politics and business maturity…this is an ongoing dance within my personal and external inquiry.

“The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy “  – Martin Luther King Jr

I would be curious to hear your feedback, thoughts and comments on this topic. You may enlighten me further on some areas of business human behavior.