POG Consulting prides ourselves in our industry independence. We do not partner with any vendors or service providers. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to work with MHA, Managed Health Care Associates Inc., we were naturally curious yet hesitant. Since independence is our core focus, the risk of partnering with any organization creates a risk.

MHA is the largest alternate site Group Purchasing Organization in the United States and has established itself as a leading health care services and technology company that offers a growing portfolio of services and solutions to support the diverse and complex needs of the alternate care facilities across United States. Across the spectrum of alternate site health care providers, certain common business operation fundamentals make up ‘the cost of doing business’. This includes office supplies, phone and mobile services, delivery and shipping, facility maintenance.

Considering this, POG started digging into the possibility of aligning our cost optimization printing processes with the MHA GPO offerings. We found that not only there is no conflict of interest, but the print optimization services fill a niche which the alternate site health care providers have been looking for. Most of them are very tight on budgets yet need to update their printing equipment fleet and improve ongoing service. That is where POG comes in. We show organizations how to optimize and reduce internal print costs while improving internal processes and solutions. Exactly what MHA strives for!

Another example of how thinking outside the box provides opportunities for savings!

POG Consulting is very excited to be working closely with MHA!