My young daughter really likes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  While the pirates are very entertaining, they are focused on plundering for gold, … after all, that is their ultimate objective in most cases. I asked her if the pirates were the good guys or bad guys.  She was not sure, but she said not to worry and just enjoy the movie.  All the while, I was comparing plundering pirates to those select few plundering printing partners that you may have experienced.  I know.  I know.  That’s not normal !


Many of POG’s print optimization clients are not sure if the printing pirates are good or bad, and like my daughter, they often just sit back and enjoy their particular show.  Assuming they don’t worry or care about what is happening behind the scenes of their print environment, the up-front show the printing partner puts on is quite good … and the PowerPoint presentations are always excellent.  Once a printing assessment is conducted and the current state baseline has been benchmarked against industry best practice, many clients are frustrated enough to hoist the sails, draw their swords and prepare to battle the pirates of print.  Knowing all the facts and figures can hurt, but it is necessary.   At least now they know that whether plundering for gold or plundering for additional profit, there is a lot of money at stake when comes to pirates …and printing. 


We do not recommend a fight.  Pirates are always well armed and don’t always fight fair.  We arm our clients with knowledge instead of swords and direct them towards strategic negotiations instead of hoisting the colors!   But first it is important to decide if you are dealing with a pirate or a partner … are they good guys or bad guys.  An independent print assessment with some benchmarking will answer that question. Then you can decide if you need the eye patch and sword, or contract amendment and pen.  In either case, enjoy the show!!