MPS is Just Fun to Say!   (MPS … Managed Print Services)

Whether you sell it or buy it, MPS is just a fun and trendy thing to say in the print world.  You can tell your friends that you installed an entire MPS solution.  Sounds good!

POG Consulting has been around for 18 years helping clients across North America identify, capture and measure productivity and financial benefits within their print environments. MPS was not a print acronym back when POG got started.  In those days it was referred to as … acquiring print hardware with consumables and service included.  In the late 1990’s it was called “outsourcing your print environment”, but that did not generate a very catchy acronym.  The caution with MPS is that it can mean different things to different vendors and customers.  On the flip side, you can define it any way you want … which is exactly what everyone seems to do. For vendors, it is a new way to sell hardware and toner.  For clients, it is a way to describe their new print solution, whatever that might be.

The inspiration for this blog came after reading Brian Bissett’s MPS story in the Industry Analysts, Inc in early December 2012.

For some time, I thought it was just me who saw through the smoke and mirrors that was called MPS.  Nope.  Others see it too!!  Vendors needed a new way to sell hardware and toner, if they were lucky, throw in some labor as well to generate an outsourcing arrangement. It really does not matter what you call it, as long as everyone can appreciate what is actually happening.  MPS is not new.  MPS is a nice new acronym for selling printers and toner. Each client defines MPS by the services they add into the hardware and tone agreement.

Acronyms are obviously the way to go!  The right acronym gets people motivated and inspired!!  POG needs to build an acronym around politely insisting the client KNOW their print environment and CONTROL it before they get all excited about MPS.   Knowing and Controlling are the keys to capturing the financial and productivity benefits hidden your print environment.  Let’s see … KC … nope, does not have a ring to it.  How about … KWCL?  No, it does not roll off the tongue.  Oh wait … how about KFC?  (Know with Financial Control)  Right, sorry … that one has been taken.  Not to worry.  I will keep working on it.  In the mean time MPS is fun to say, just make sure you know what it means to you.