Listen First.  Then give Just the Answer

I often get accused of not listening to the client.  I jump right in with the answer.  After almost 30 years in the print optimization business, I get overly enthused and often talk more than I listen.  Sorry about that!! 


Over the last 8 months I have listened to executives explain that there are always far more “’to do” items on the list, then time will allow for.  In addition, there is never enough funding available.  I suspect this situation is quickly becoming the new business norm, and in fact the “do more for less” theme has really gained momentum over the past couple of years.  The executives that read this will be very pleased that I was indeed listening.  So, “yes”, I now get it.  You want me to listen first and then provide the answer, but just the answer without all the expensive consulting that traditionally goes with the answer.  


Without exception, executives I talk to all agree they value best-in-class processes, programs, methodology and intellectual property, and are quite willing to pay a fair price for it.  They just don’t want to pay the consulting fees that tend to be tied to the process and/or program.  I guess consultants must be charging too much!!  So you just want to buy the answer and use your own internal resources?  Once again, and I do hope you are impressed … I was listening and have taken the feedback to heart.  I have restructured my organization, based on that valuable input. 


After 17 years of print optimization experience and process development, POG is now in a position to license our established and proven processes, programs, methodology and IP.  We have unbundled consulting services from the process and programs.  You can buy just the answer. The reaction from our clients and prospects has been very positive.  That whole “listening thing” really does work!