Kermit the Frog Often Said … it is Not Easy Being Green

Our customers love the fact that POG Consulting is independent, objective and transparent when it comes to assessing print environments and generating optimized solutions.  Wonderful!!  Exactly what we are striving for.  Manufacturers and value-add resellers are not always that crazy about the whole independent thing.  In my position, as the President of POG Consulting, I interface with senior levels from manufacturers and resellers.  They are frustrated for sure.  Each vendor seems to think POG is supportive of someone else and against them.  In one survey done by a large global information outsourcing giant, each of 4 print manufacturers picked the other as POG’s favorite.  No duplicate selections. Very impressive!!  The global giant acknowledged that POG must indeed be independent.  Each vendor equally disliked POG and they each knew for sure we liked the other vendor better.

When you don’t win a deal, you have to blame someone.  Blame the consultant.  It is easy.  No one is going to argue.  After all, they are just consultants.  That is part of the responsibility of being a consultant.  You can blame them and not even tell them you are blaming them.  Just perfect!!  Everyone wins.  Ohhhh the curse of independence!  Kermit the frog often said it is not easy being green.  Likewise, it is not easy being a consultant … but it is fun … lots of fun.  So keep cursing, just not out loud please.