Introducing The Church of Printology©  

Over the past 18 years POG Consulting has used a logical business approach to help clients and prospects “see the light” with respect to optimizing their print environment and seeing past the vendor hype and rhetoric.  By the way, we use the same real-life business examples and logic to explain why it is extremely difficult for clients to optimize print environments successfully on their own without the aid of process, program, methodology or tools.  As it turns out the print vendor promise of delivering a magical land of blissful end users and huge savings seems to mesmerize many unsuspecting audiences.  Those vendor PowerPoint presentations delivered with passion and persuasion have the power to overrule real-life logic, common sense and the accountant’s calculator.

That is some kind of power! So what’s a print consultant to do?  The research and development division of POG has given this challenge a lot of thought and consideration, … and “yes”, we have the answer!

POG will now take a spiritual approach through our brand new Church of Printology©.  The business approach isn’t working.  We need to go spiritual.  Blogs are out.  Sermons are in. Everyone will listen to a sermon about the pros and cons, benefits and dangers associated with print optimization.  This approach will be enlightening and entertaining.  Of course, we will need a congregation of followers and believers before we get started. To attract such a “following” we need a purpose, … a reason for being.  The purpose of the Church of Printology© will certainly evolve over many generations, but for now, our initial purpose will be to drive out the evil that exists within printing environments …and then identify and quantify the good that can come from a well orchestrated print optimization vision.

The Church of Printology© will be interactive and sharing.  You in the congregation will have the option to submit print related stories … good ones, bad ones, scary ones.  The Church of Printology© will share them with the entire congregation.  Those stories of enlightenment will be informative and serve as an inspiration for us all. Truly an amazing experience.  Maybe your story will become the next sermon!  …or maybe you are a vendor and wish to repent. Sure you can join.  The Church of Printology© is open to anyone and everyone!

POG Consulting is going spiritual.  Join the congregation with an email response.  Any response will do … “ya sure” … “OK” … “sounds good” … “I’m in” … “print with thee”. 

May the spirit of print be with you!