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Managed Print Services

Knowledge Lies at the Foundation of Success

For large organizations focused on core operational priorities and market pressures, and where print spend is generally an afterthought, what better way to solve the constant “printer whine” than to carve out the problem and outsource it to an entity focused on print management? In its simplest form, the proposition is this: give us the print problem and we’ll save you lots of money! A compelling pitch indeed, especially in these most challenging fiscal times. However, success in print management is seldom that simple, and for those that contemplate the MPS process absent the right metrics program, management controls and Service Level Agreement (SLA), the program will surely result in a complex, messy and expensive failure.

Fool’s Gold or Treasure Trove?

Making Good on the Promise of Print Assessments

Gartner’s analysis highlighted the areas of print expense waste that often pervade large organizations. Among other things, this included excess capacity, lack of standardization, obsolete or aged devices, unmanaged supplies and user printing, proliferation of small expensive desktop units and fragmented maintenance and service contracts. Taken together, Gartner suggested that “print is the last bastion of savings” in enterprise IT and that savings of 10 to 30% were realizable with the implementation of an intelligent print management program. To this alluring prospect, Gartner attached the moniker, “The Hidden Gold Mine”.