The Real Future of Print – Research Project 


POG Consulting is an independent consulting organization focused on benchmarking, best practices , environmental sustainment and reduction of organizational operating costs.

There is a lot of information out in the market around the direction of print, but it is mainly based on equipment vendor projections, tablet and other mobile device direction, and the media. However, very few resources exist which truly benchmark the existing print strategies from organization to organization, and actually benchmark their 5 year strategies.

POG Consulting is currently undergoing research around the future of print from the perspective of Executives who are currently responsible for the organizational print strategies within the next 5 years.

Involvement in the research is 100% confidential. Corporate and personal information is not shared. However, the statistics around the current and future print strategy is collected to benchmark against other organizations and industries.

Time involvement required – maximum 3.5 hours.  30 minutes for a phone interview, and a maximum of 3 hours for the collection of some basic information about your print environment which can be attained from you existing internal measurement information.

Organizations involved in the research will receive a full benchmark report of their organization at no cost! The value of this report – $28,000.

The information collected from 30 organizations across multiple industries will be analyzed and composed into a white paper which will be available in the spring of 2017.

If you are interested, please contact us:
Dorota Katarzyna Ulkowska
Global Director Business Development