Hockey And The Key To Print Optimization

Hockey is not something I grew up with. Coming from Poland, if it’s not soccer it must not be a real sport. However, my son has quite taken to the game and is a great goalie for his team filled with 11 and 12 year olds. He calls himself “The Wall” and celebrates every time he has a shutout. Since I love my son incredibly, I try to watch as many games as possible. I quickly realized that I indeed have become a hockey mom. I cheer very loudly and find my heart almost stops when a group of 5 boys is skating quickly towards the net…and my son – this happens often.

The thing I noticed about the game is that the goalie is indeed a key to the game, because he is the final resistance to stopping the goal. The wingers are a key because they are the ones who are aggressively pursuing goals. Defence is a key as they try their hardest to prevent any potential opportunities on their net, and they assist the wingers to set up opponent goals. The Centers are the playmakers, assisting the wingers and the defence in setting up the game. Yes, everyone works together and is equally important for the success of the game.

So I finally understand firsthand what all of these sports analogies I have been hearing about in business have to do with team work, collaboration and success. I am going to be so bold now to make my own analogy ….hockey to print optimization (and yes, I indeed see the humour of the inexperienced hockey mom making this analogy).

The organization looking after the control and management of their internal print environment is the goalie. They have to observe the game and each player closely, ultimately being the final point of decisions and cost savings.  The end users, those who actually print the majority of the volumes, are the wingers. They are the ones who ultimately follow the workflow, initiate the print jobs and make decisions how to do so in order to support the corporate business. The chosen vendor within the organization is the Center. They are out there interacting with the individual users, selecting the right equipment fits, training users, and keeping the metrics of what is going on within the print environment. I see POG Consulting as your Defence. We are the ones who do the depth of industry analysis, provide you with key benchmarking, and identify final areas of savings or threats to your business. We are the final filter of the process helping the organization gain full knowledge and total control of the print environment optimization.

All the players are keys, but the game does not work well when the players confuse their positions. Just something I think about sitting in the stands and feeling the rush of the game.