Meeting the Sustainability Challenge


Triple Bottom-line ROI Benefits

The Print Operations Group (POG) have transformed and enhanced their print environment optimization service offering to include Environmental Sustainment analysis. POG now has the capability to identify and quantify Key Sustainment Indicators (KSI’s) which can be used to reduce operational costs and elevate your organization as a sustainable practice leader.
With business operating 24/7 in virtually every densely populated area of North America, energy consumption and associated costs have sky rocketed.  So has the impact on our environment. A hidden opportunity for addressing this issue is embarking on green solution practices.

POG’s environmental sustainment approach, referred to as the Sustainable Print Practices Portfolio, is designed to support and create workable balance between the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) of today’s business. Depending on your approach, environmental sustainment can be a positive or negative impact on your organization’s 3BL. At POG we are focused on the positive while generating a solid return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

POG’s ROI Contribution to your 3BL

Simply put, 3BL, in the context of business, refers to the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Here are some ways this contributes to your ROI:


  • Reducing costs
  • Generating metrics
  • Meeting industry standards
  • Optimizing infrastructure
  • Improving workflow efficiency
  • Maximizing value of print related investments

Social Responsibility

  • Optimizing service delivery and corporate efficiency
  • Improving customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increasing end user productivity
  • Enhancing corporate SR reputation

Environmental Sustainability

  • Identifying, quantifying and measuring print “green” metrics
  • Initiating continuous improvement related to output and content management
  • Targeting print intensive business processes and applying leading edge technologies and systems to replace them
  • Other residual environmental benefits such as reduction of green house gas emissions


How does this translate into a direct business benefit for you?

POG’s optimization programs can help organizations rationalize the print infrastructure environment, from 20% to 30%.  Equipment consolidation, if deployed correctly, has immediate impact on environmental Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs).  When POG eliminates the need for just one aged mid-volume device with a high capacity paper tray that produces 50,000 pages per month, for example, the results are significant.

We reduce your carbon footprint by …

  • Eliminating the need for approximately 500 lbs. of processed steel and plastic
  • Eliminating about 40 lbs of plastic toner per year
  • Reducing the usage of electricity by 21,000 Kilowatts per year …and that is just for stand-by mode consumption

When you apply those statistics for organizations with hundreds or thousands of output assets —the results are impressive!  The benefits are real.

Another Sustainability Benefit

ISO 14000 – International Standards on Environment Management

Another benefit we offer you is that POG applies ISO 14000 standards to an organization’s output environment.  These standards provide a framework for measuring and managing a company’s environmental sustainability program.   POG provides a grade and recommendations on the following categories.

 #  Category  Example
 1  Wastage  2-sided versus single sided printing to save paper
 2  Energy Usage  % of equipment that is Energy Star Compliant, and % that is not
 3  Air Quality  Measuring ultra fine particles (UFPs)  Concentrations of Styrene, Ozone
 4  Hazardous Materials  Environmentally friendly toner. Avoid products with arsenic, cadmium
 5  End of Life Management  Review device life cycle from raw material through its use and disposal
 6  Sustainability  Environmentally certified compliance and focus on health and safety


Walk the Talk as a Sustainable Business Leader

As a proven best practice leader in Sustainable Print Optimization Services, POG can guarantee you short and long term ROI on all three fronts: economic, social and environmental. We achieve this by

  • Providing quick, tangible and measurable means of improving the efficiencies of your print operations on time and on budget.
  • Documenting assessments and benchmarking of how your sustainable print solutions impact the environment.
  • Enabling you to quantitatively demonstrate another way in which your company is “walking the talk” as a sustainable business leader