Jim Rempel, PresidentWhen it comes to change, end users tend to be a cautious and/or defensive group. Over the years, many changes get done “TO” the end user group. They are not always comfortable with TO. We know from experience that end users would prefer to have change done “WITH” them. The “WITH” concept is important since 80% of a Print Optimization project is about the people and change management. Only 20% is about the technology.

It is easy to get all caught up in the “hardware hype” and forget that simply installing shinny new technology may not properly address the “WITH” aspect of change management. A “TO” project is one where the vendor pulls out 9 older units, installs 5 shiny new ones … and then leaves. A “WITH” project would include communicating to the end users what is happening, why, when, and explaining the benefits. The “WITH” part is the group hug that secures end user buy-in and support. You need that to be successful.

POG strongly believes in doing it “WITH” the end users … to the point where we developed a specific change management process to address exactly this. We call it Cultural Navigation©. It does not matter what you call it, as long as you do it “WITH” the end users versus doing it “TO” them.

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