Divorcing My Assumptions
Seven years ago I filed for divorce. I found myself on my own with two small children beginning a brand new life. I was scared out of my mind. Quickly I discovered that throughout my marriage I became dependant on my husband to look after the financials, income and retirement planning. It was time to start looking after this myself, but I felt clue less.

I started reviewing my financial picture in great detail, took classes and searched for advice. I was determined to get educated enough to manage my entire financial picture all on my own. I did not want to rely on anyone else to manage my finances again, and I wanted full control.

A lot of people in my life provided advice. The best guidance I received was from a co-worker:
“Dorota, you have a lot of strengths and you are intelligent. However, trying to take everything on all on your own may not be the best step. The most successful people are not great at everything they do. However, they are wise enough to surround themselves with individuals who add to their skill level and knowledge. Find the right people to assist you in your path, but keep the control of the decisions with you”.

Following my friend’s advice I gained full confidence in my financial planning and management. I have a group of people who assist me, and I rely on their expertise, knowledge and reporting. However, I always know what my financial picture looks like and I maintain the control of my direction.

Organizations mimic human behaviour. There have been countless times I have come across individuals who tell me they have full control of their print optimization environment, and that they can do it all on their own or through their vendor.  They tell me they do not need support from an independent consultant….they do not see the value.  After all, how difficult is it to manage the optimization of a print environment? Yet every time POG gets involved, we save our customers a minimum of 20% on their current spend and provide them full control of managing and measuring their environment. Most organizations feel they are in control but cannot generate even the basic metrics without the reliance on their equipment vendor. Would it not make sense to surround yourself with a support team through your optimization process? Then I remember, if I did not go through my divorce I would still be feeling that I am completely on top of my financial picture – after all, my husband was looking after it all! A harsh reality woke me up to my lack of control at the time. Today I try to divorce my assumptions about my knowing of it all, I find that life becomes much easier and definitely more fun!