Transition Plan and Project Charter License

Now that the corporate print Assessment has been completed, and the Strategy and Modeled Target State created, how do you get from the current state to the newly designed target state?

The Transition Plan and Project Charter License will define and document in DETAIL how to get from “A” to “B”.  Transition Planning will generate the specific detailed action plans, cash flow analysis, resource requirements and MS Project Plan required by the Project Management team to ensure the defined solution can be implemented in an efficient and cost effective manner, while delivering the maximum cost reductions available.

Objective àTo determine and document the overall project plan.

  1. Scope of the entire project (roles & responsibilities).
  2. Deployment priorities and time-lines.
  3. Resources required … type, number, duration, internal, vendor, external and/or 3rd party.
  4. Precise budget and financial information.

Deliverable àPOG’s Transition Plan is a licensed product, which means the client pays  a one-time usage fee for the right to use the detailed POG template package over a 6 month period.  The client has the option to customize it using internal resources, or request consulting assistance from POG.

  1. Acquire the Transition Plan licensed product from POG. (shrink-wrapped package)
  2. Optional  àDiscuss and/or request consulting assistance from POG.

Suggestion à Please request that POG conduct a walkthrough of the transition Plan template to ensure you are comfortable with the document and to ensure expectations are accurately set.