Print Environment Health Check Program©

Strategic Sustainment through Unbiased Measurement and Control

You cannot manage what you do not measure. Continuous improvement benchmarking and trends analysis, along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Sustainment Indicators (KSIs or “green” metrics) are critical to understanding and managing both the print infrastructure environment, and those internal or external resources managing it. 

A health print environment will drive operational efficiencies, cost reductions, improved end user satisfaction and better relations with your print vendor(s).  Your vendor(s) will provide print/MFD fleet statistics, carbon and environmental data points and service metrics.  Internal help desk and 3rd party software packages may generate additional print related statistics.


·         Despite all the data available, do you really know the overall health of your print environment?

·         Do you know your print spend? Do you know the savings potential?

·         Do you have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Sustainment Indicators (KSIs / “green” metrics)?

·         Do you benchmark on a regular basis?

·         Do you have a trends analysis process?

·         Do you survey for end user satisfaction or do you let the vendor do it?

·         Do you measure actual service levels achieved against contractual targets?

Despite all the data available, most large organizations cannot and do not measure print.  Interpretation of the data remains a challenge. POG’s Print Environment Health Check Program answers those questions and addresses the challenges specific to your distributed print environment.  We use the processing power of the Print Knowledge Database© (PKD) to generate a quarterly Print Optimization Metrics© (POM) report and a semi-annual Vendor Optimization Metric© (VOM) report.  The PKD houses data from 162 print assessments and many RFP responses accumulated over the past 17 years of experience.

Objectives …

1.     The Health Check Program permits the independent and transparent measurement of the distributed print environment and enables effective management of external vendors and internal resources who provide hardware services and related support.

2.     The reports will identify and document opportunities for continuous improvement.

3.   As an on-going program, the Health Check Program will help effectively manage, sustain and optimize the entire distributed print fleet of devices and the vendor(s) that support it, by systematically and accurately measuring the print environment on a regular basis.


1.     Professional and independent interpretation and analysis of the print environment.

2.     Access to industry benchmarked and best practices information.

3.     An inspection / progress tool for vendor management.

4.     Improved internal control of the distributed print environment.

5.     Clear and concise metrics … costs, volumes, inventory and “green”.

Most other software will provide a snap shot of what the print environment looks like at a given point in time, which, without relevant data surrounding it, has minimal value. The Health Check system focuses on all aspects of print and how it is trending. Trends information allows executives to make intelligent and informed decisions on print environments.