RFP/ SLA Creation, Evaluation and Negotiations License

Public and Private organizations may choose to acquire an industry established and proven RFP/SLA best practice template package that can be customizd and distributed to the print marketplace in order to select and evaluate the best fit and best value print service provider.  The intent is to apply POG’s RFP/SLA process, program, methodology, intellectual property, skills, experience and knowledge to maximize the value and benefits derived from a new distributed print services arrangement.
POG’s RFP/SLA package is a licensed product.  The client pays a one-time usage fee for the right to use the detailed POG template package over a 6 month period.  The client has the option to customize it using internal resources, or request consulting assistance from POG.

  1. Acquire the RFP/SLA licensed product from POG. (shrink-wrapped package)
  2. Training à POG provides a 4 hour review and training session. (expenses extra)
  3. Optional à Discuss and/or request consulting assistance from POG.