Print Optimization Deployment

An industry established and proven Deployment best practice template package that contains all the necessary process, programs, methodology and intellectual property for a successful deployment of a distributed print optimization program.  The program will ensure the client will control of all aspects of the deployment project, and maximize available financial and productivity benefits.  The less attractive alternative relinquishes control and financial benefits to the vendor.



  1. Capture and measure ALL the available benefits of the Print Optimization Program.
  2. Retain control and utilize internal resources where and when possible.
  3. Outsource the “work” to the vendor, whether the “work” is simply a break/fix service contract or a full outsourced print environment agreement. 


POG’s Deployment Program & Services (DPS) is a licensed product. The client pays a one-time usage fee for the right to use the detailed POG template package over a 12 month period.  The client has the option to customize it using internal resources, or request consulting assistance from POG.

  1. Acquire the DPS licensed product from POG.  (shrink-wrapped package)
  2. Training  à POG provides a 5 day review and training session. (expenses extra)
  3. Optional à Discuss and/or request consulting assistance from POG.

At a minimum, every print optimization deployment project requires two active participants.

1.    Vendor to install hardware and train end users on new technology

2.    Client to administer and project manage the deployment, and interface with end users.


With the growing complexity and increased financial opportunity associated with print hardware deployment and/or Managed Print Services (MPS) projects, a 3rd skill set is now essential.

As the 3rd participant, POG Consulting provides the following value-add deployment services:


1.    Independence à An objective and transparent process is critical to ensure project deliverables are client centric versus vendor hardware, revenue and profit focused.

2.    Methodology à The vendor and client need an established and proven process and program supported by a well thought-out methodology.  (i.e. POG’s licensed product) Owing the process gives the client CONTROL.  The client needs to have control.

3.    Experience àThere is no substitution for experience, especially in such a high visibility project such as print optimization.  POG has extensive experience and knowledgeable subject matter experts available through POG’s Trusted Print Advisor program.

4.  Cultural Navigation©à Print Optimization and the subsequent deployment are 80% about people and change management and only 20% about the technology.  Securing management and end user buy-in to support the proposed changes is critical. à Social Responsibility & Cultural Navigation