Print Environment Assessment, Validation and Benchmark

Questions  à
      ·         Despite all the data available, do you really know the overall health of your print environment?
      ·         Do you know your print spend? Do you know the savings potential?
      ·         Do you have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Sustainment Indicators (KSIs / “green” metrics)?
      ·         Do you benchmark on a regular basis?
      ·         Do you have a trends analysis process?
      ·         Do you survey for end user satisfaction or do you let the vendor do it?
      ·         Do you measure actual service levels achieved against contractual targets?

To make a well informed decision with respect to internal print optimization, organizations will first need to accurately assess and benchmark the current state of their entire print environment. This critical information is used to measure the success and identify opportunities for improvement within the existing or new services arrangements.

The output of the current state assessment will be a corporate-wide print strategy that will identify opportunities to revitalize the print environment, reduce costs and improve end user productivity. POG Consulting has completed over 160 projects, identified over $142 million in annual savings for those customers, and implemented innovative strategies to better plan and manage distributed printers, convenience copiers, fax machines, desktop fax automation, wide-format plotters, scanners, multi-functional technology, e-forms, and production print. From this vast experience we have learned a great deal about the inner workings of large organizations, their culture and operations. This is the only area we consult in and this has allowed us to focus intensely on developing a world class Methodology.

We have found that the technical side of the solution is often times the least complicated. The human factor, that of resistance to change, concern over status and appearance are often where the most care and diligence need to be devoted. The best technical plan poorly communicated and implemented will generate sub-standard results. For this reason, we have dedicated significant resources to change management, communications and understanding the clients’ culture and individual needs. The process of the assessment allows for the collection of the key current state information and metrics, but it also provides a stage for strategy creation across the organization.