Governance Model License

Governance Framework for a Print Output Technology Decision Tree and Allocation Policy

This policy will be applied to output technology acquisition / deployment decisions on an organization-wide basis.   The supporting decision tree logic will be used to ensure a “best fit” match is created between end user requirements and a pre-approved suite of output technology according to the Modeled Target State as pre determined within the Corporate Print Strategy.

The Policy and Governance document will be used to guide executives and staff in making the correct / “best fit” print related decisions.   This includes a set of print equipment criteria guidelines that will enable the client to logically, rationally and economically allocate, replace and/or rationalize print, copy, fax and multi-functional equipment for internal departments.


POG’s Governance Document is a licensed product, which means the client pays a one-time usage fee for the right to use the detailed POG template package over a 6 month period.  The client has the option to customize it using internal resources, or request consulting assistance from POG.
1. Acquire the Governance Document license from POG.  (shrink-wrapped package)

2. Optional  à  Discuss and/or request consulting assistance from POG.