Change is difficult, but can be most entertaining
After 17 years of active participation in the world of print optimization, you can appreciate my team of deployment consultants come across some end users who may not embrace change with the same enthusiasm and anticipation that others do.  Change is difficult for some, but the excuses provided to not change are easy to generate.  In fact, the diversity and variety of excuses demonstrates a creative and imaginative side to end users that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.  I thought I would share the Top 10 end user excuses of why they cannot change their print technology foot print.

10. It is too far to walk.  I don’t want to walk. 
9. I am an expensive resource. Walking that far will cost the company money.
8. The printer is too close to my office.  The traffic and noise will be disruptive.
7. As with the water cooler, the staff will stand around the printer, socialize and waste time.
6. I don’t want to get up 15 times for my reports.  That is like a workout.
5. I need blue paper, so there is no way I can share with others.   Blue paper is important.
4. People are going to steal my output before I get there to pick it up.  Yes, my stuff is that good!
3. I work for the boss so I need my own.  It is really for the boss, so change will not work for me.
2. My boss says I need my own printer.  Here is the note.
…and our most favorite and most frequently used excuse is …
1. Everything I print is very confidential so I cannot share.

We enjoy all the end user groups we work with and we enjoy the excuses we receive to not change a thing.  I have been around long enough to know that change will happen, regardless of the quality of the excuse.