People Philosophy

Even though money motivates, excellent compensation by itself will not build and retain a winning team.  POG’s people philosophy is built on 4 core principals.  They are simple, but very strategic in the world of professional consultants.

  1. Fun
  2. Challenge
  3. Compensation
  4. Quality of Life

Fun … It is imperative that each member of the POG team enjoy what they do.  Enthusiasm is contagious and will “rub off” on all those we interface with.  People do a better job and deliver quality results when it’s fun, versus when it is “just a job”.  POG consultants enjoy what they do.


Challenge … Professionals need to stretch, grow, learn and be challenged in the projects they are assigned, and for the clients they work with.  Independent print and records consulting is an emerging business that has more than its share of exciting challenges.  We all meet each challenge head on, and with enthusiasm.  There is great team pride in resolving a unique or complex business challenge that the customer and/or others could not address. 


Compensation … Most POG consultants are financially stable prior to joining the team, so as important as earning money is, it is not the primary reason for working with POG.  Growing the business and resolving customer problems is fun.  Being compensated fairly for the effort each team member extends to the business is simply a way to measure how much fun we have had each month, and how many more satisfied customers there are out there!


Quality of Life … Offering a unique Quality of Life program has attracted and allowed The Print Operations Group to retain senior level talent.  Flex hours, extra holidays, more family time and the option of working in a downtown office or at home is of great value to senior level consultants who are self starters.  It does not matter where the work gets done, just as long as it gets done on time and on budget.  


Our rewards program focuses on what POG refers to as “life events”, which are far more memorable and meaningful than a cash bonus.  A life event can be shared with a significant other, and usually takes the form of a trip for two, or a gift the entire family will appreciate.  The current sales awards program has prizes such as a trip for two to Dubai, a Caribbean cruise, a trip to Vegas, or a weekend away.  There is a similar motivational awards program for the operations team.  These award programs recognize outstanding effort.