Welcome to our blog! This is a place where employees at POG will share their thoughts on the world of print. We have over 20 years of experience with Print Consulting and have extensive knowledge to share. We hope you enjoy reading our blogs as much as we enjoy writing about them.  

POG Partnering with MHA?
April 27, 2017

POG Consulting prides ourselves in our industry independence. We do not partner with any vendors or service providers. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to work with MHA, Managed Health Care Associates Inc., we were naturally curious yet hesitant. Since independence is our core focus, the risk of

Fear of Change or Opportunity
February 1, 2017

Fear of Change or Opportunity   Change! This seems to be a constant for any organization. However, over the last couple of years, change is an understatement. Between the oil prices, negotiations around pipelines, political directions in Alberta, Canada and the US, some of us do not know wh

Better Get Ready For Growth
January 25, 2017

Better Get Ready For Growth   Written by, Dorota Katarzyna Ulkowska, Global Director Business Development To say it has been tough doing business in Alberta over the last couple of years is an understatement. However, reports are indicating that the tough times are finally starting to s

What the World Thinks
March 5, 2013

What the World Thinks I was asked for a more global perspective on the world of print optimization.  Up until that request I had always thought my blogs were very big, bold and worldly.  Go figure!  POG Consulting does a lot of print optimization work throughout North America, so it is easy to

The Vendor Control Party (VCP)
February 20, 2013

The Vendor Control Party  (VCP) When you go to Blog writing school, you are taught not to touch sensitive topics such as religion, politics and sex.  The “risk to offend” potential hovers ever-so-close when you delve into these sacred subjects.  As a number of you may know, my last blog ta

Introducing The Church of Printology©
February 5, 2013

Introducing The Church of Printology©   Over the past 18 years POG Consulting has used a logical business approach to help clients and prospects “see the light” with respect to optimizing their print environment and seeing past the vendor hype and rhetoric.  By the way, we use the same rea

The Power Of A Name
January 23, 2013

The Power Of A Name After heading up POG Consulting for over 18 years now, I have heard a lot of reasons for not hiring a consultant.  As you can appreciate, the most common one is … “You are way too expensive!”.  We do charge for the services we provide, and if you don’t see the value,

MPS is Just Fun to Say! (MPS … Managed Print Services)
January 7, 2013

MPS is Just Fun to Say!   (MPS … Managed Print Services) Whether you sell it or buy it, MPS is just a fun and trendy thing to say in the print world.  You can tell your friends that you installed an entire MPS solution.  Sounds good! POG Consulting has been around for 18 years helping cl

A Time for Giving … A Christmas Print Story
December 12, 2012

A Time for Giving … A Christmas Print Story The POG Consulting team requested a cheery Christmas blog versus the more standard “Scrooge-humbug-what’s-wrong-with-the-print-world” blog.  I reluctantly agreed, but did remind them that I blog about strange and unexplainable occurrences in t

Print Optimization Approval Process … The Column Issue
November 22, 2012

Print Optimization Approval Process … The Column Issue  We are all familiar with the saying, “Penny wise and pound foolish”.  My Dad drilled that into my head many years ago.  There is a similar saying that describes how people always find the time and money to do it right on the second

Knowing Is Important
November 6, 2012

Knowing Is Important You would think the message in that title is pretty obvious, and it should be, … but no, not always.  You need to KNOW so you can make informed decisions.  I don’t understand why that basic business principal does not get applied to the printing environment in many organi

So Who’s the Customer, anyway?
October 16, 2012

So Who’s the Customer, anyway? Being a print consultant for North America’s largest independent print optimization consulting firm is great.  I love it!!  I get to see and measure the results of print technology and service decisions made that range from brilliant and magnificent to “righ

Control means never having to say you’re sorry
October 1, 2012

Control means never having to say you’re sorry. As independent print consultants with now 18 years of success behind us, POG gets asked to comment on … “But the vendor will do it all for free!” Another one is … “The PowerPoint presentation looked good and sounded pretty convincing.”

Advanced Print Monitoring Software – Guts & Glory !!
September 7, 2012

Advanced Print Monitoring Software – Guts & Glory !! Consulting in the world of print, does not have a “Guts & Glory” award category.  Not sure why.  I guess distributed printing is just not sexy enough to warrant such an award.  Maybe that will change as more and more vendors want

So What’s a Client To Do?
August 23, 2012

So What's a Client To Do? Either through a consultant, or on your own, you have figured out that your print hardware and services vendor is not doing the bang-up job you were hoping for.  You are spending more than you want.  You’re guessing that some SLAs are not being met.  You may n

Print Volume Projections
August 2, 2012

Often I receive inquiries about projections for the future. The majority of these questions center around print volumes and the probability of eliminating print from the document workflow. I wanted to address one of these questions in this month's blog. Question: "Do you have industry stats

Politics or Maturity
June 20, 2012

As I write this I wonder if I am going to ruffle some feathers. Being in the area of sales, things are often witnessed which are not “supposed” to be mentioned…especially in a Blog.  Yet I do want to write about the concepts  which intrigue me in the industry and which may bring some enli

Sorry … from POG Consulting …
May 28, 2012

Sorry … from POG Consulting … I know.  I know.  Those that know me will know that I don’t even know how to spell “sorry”.  Acknowledgement  à   My assistant inserted the word on my behalf.  Here is what I am supposed to apologize for, just so you know.  Apparently and from time t

May 7, 2012

Superhuman According to Wikipedia, the theory of cognitive dissonance states that people are prone to one particular side of a belief or outcome, even though they have clear facts showing them that the opposite is true.  An example of this would be the conflict between wanting to smoke and knowing

Kermit the Frog Often Said ... it is Not Easy Being Green
April 17, 2012

Kermit the Frog Often Said ... it is Not Easy Being Green Our customers love the fact that POG Consulting is independent, objective and transparent when it comes to assessing print environments and generating optimized solutions.  Wonderful!!  Exactly what we are striving for.  Manufacturers

Hockey And The Key To Print Optimization
March 21, 2012

Hockey And The Key To Print Optimization Hockey is not something I grew up with. Coming from Poland, if it’s not soccer it must not be a real sport. However, my son has quite taken to the game and is a great goalie for his team filled with 11 and 12 year olds. He calls himself “The Wall” and

The Print Market is Stuck ... POG’s Top 10 Observations
March 19, 2012

The Print Market is Stuck àPOG’s Top 10 Observations As independent print consultants, POG is in a unique position to get market feedback from clients and vendors.  A lot has changed over the past 8 months.  Here is what I know about the marketplace … 1. Clients have no or very little mon

Divorcing My Assumptions
March 2, 2012

Divorcing My Assumptions Seven years ago I filed for divorce. I found myself on my own with two small children beginning a brand new life. I was scared out of my mind. Quickly I discovered that throughout my marriage I became dependant on my husband to look after the financials, income and retireme

Listen First. Then give Just the Answer!
February 22, 2012

Listen First.  Then give Just the Answer!  I often get accused of not listening to the client.  I jump right in with the answer.  After almost 30 years in the print optimization business, I get overly enthused and often talk more than I listen.  Sorry about that!!    Over the last 8 mont

A World Without Consultants
January 9, 2012

A World Without Consultants Before you get too excited about the prospects of a world with no consultants, please keep in mind that I am a consultant and do thoroughly enjoy my career choice.  This blog then will be biased in favor of consultants and is more of a rant than a blog.  Sorry about t

The Paperless Vision
November 23, 2011

The Paperless Vision My team wanted me to write a blog about how tablet technology and extensive automation are reducing the amount of paper people use.  They send me stories and news clips about groups who have eliminated or sharply reduced paper volumes.  Trees are saved and the world is a beau

Change is difficult, but can be most entertaining
October 14, 2011

Change is difficult, but can be most entertaining After 17 years of active participation in the world of print optimization, you can appreciate my team of deployment consultants come across some end users who may not embrace change with the same enthusiasm and anticipation that others do.  Change

Printing Less is Hard Work
September 30, 2011

The goal is to print less.   That sounds good. The objectives are to save money and save the planet.  Both are excellent objectives. So far it would be difficult for anyone to argue with the goal and objectives, and it is great to have a target to shoot for, so why is it so hard for large com

Inventory … It is not good to be wrong
September 2, 2011

Regardless of who is conducting your print assessment, taking inventory is a critical task that can be time consuming and costly.  To save time and money, there are many suppliers and some clients with sniffer or monitoring software that will automatically collect asset counts.  The software appro

Partners or Pirates??
June 28, 2011

My young daughter really likes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  While the pirates are very entertaining, they are focused on plundering for gold, … after all, that is their ultimate objective in most cases. I asked her if the pirates were the good guys or bad guys.  She was not sure, but sh

Doing it WITH versus Doing it TO
June 2, 2011

When it comes to change, end users tend to be a cautious and/or defensive group. Over the years, many changes get done "TO" the end user group. They are not always comfortable with TO. We know from experience that end users would prefer to have change done "WITH" them. The “WITH” concept is impo

Hello … welcome to my first blog. .
May 9, 2011

Colorful Disconnect I live and breathe the world of print every day so you would think that a person in my position should know it all and never get confused. Not the case!!  Let’s look at color printing.  Executives want to save money and manage color very carefully … and hopefully print le