Advanced Print Monitoring Software – Guts & Glory !!

Consulting in the world of print, does not have a “Guts & Glory” award category.  Not sure why.  I guess distributed printing is just not sexy enough to warrant such an award.  Maybe that will change as more and more vendors want clients to buy advanced print monitoring software.  You need guts to make that decision for sure.  As for the glory of making the decision … well in 18 years,  I have not seen a client experience the euphoria, bliss and/or benefits.  No.  No.  I have looked.  After all, it is my job to look at all aspects of print optimization. 

Those that prepare the PowerPoint presentations for Advanced Print Monitory and Management software should be commended.  The presentations are good.  The demos are even better.  That software does cost a lot, but boy it seems to do everything you could possibly want in the world of distributed printing.  BUT do you need it and will you actually use it?   

It is easy to get excited about all the wonderful things that can be done with advanced printer monitoring software.  It’s neat for sure!  As independent print consultants, it is our job to ask the client what the software will be used for.  We also ask if the free basic printer monitoring and management software that each and every vendor provides, is used and if so, how.  If you are not taking advantage of the features and functionality of the free software, what makes you think you will benefit exponentially from the advanced software?  …and are you ready to invest the time, money and resources to fully capitalize on all it can do?  Most are not ready …and may not be ready for years. 

Advanced print monitoring and management software represents a far bigger commitment than most clients realize.  Those that do install it, often only utilize a fraction of what it is capable of for a variety of business reasons.  For those few that have deployed it and have generated value, you deserve the “Guts & Glory” award.  I know the award is not yet available.  Soon, … maybe.  Until then, take another look at the free software available and all that it can do.  Sometimes it takes more “guts” to say “no” and stick with what you have.