What Makes POG Consulting Different from Everyone Else?


1.    Independence POG Consulting is the largest and most independent print consulting firm in North America.POG does not sell hardware, software,    consumables or break/fix services. POG is not associated with any manufacturer or value-added reseller.Our core business focus aligns precisely to the  directions and objectives of our clients.

2.     Control POG’s established and proven processes, programs, methodology and intellectual property enable us to help our clients gain control of their print environments.  In most cases, the vendor has control and the vendor benefits from that control.  Control means you know what you have, what you spend, issues and opportunities.  Our approach returns control to the client. 

3.     Metrics … You cannot manage what you do not measure.  POG delivers a solid business case for change supported by metrics.  Our reports are accountant proof and auditor friendly.  POG has developed the Print Knowledge Database© (PKD) which houses real life print data from over 160 print assessments.  This is unique to POG and a powerful print optimization tool for our clients.  The PKD allows us to generate KPIs, KSIs, benchmark and generate trends analysis reporting. 

4.    National Presence and Size POG has offices across Canada.  POG has over 30 dedicated senior level print consultants and subject matter experts across Canada and in the US, who are committed to ensuring that POG can accommodate any and all national based requirements.

5.   International and North American Awards … POG is the only independent print consulting firm in the world to be designated as a Gartner “Cool Vendor”.  POG earned two consecutive “Best Services” awards at Gartner’s annual North American Print & Imaging Summit.  The founder of POG Consulting was nominated by Ernst & Young for the Entrepreneur of the Year Program.

6.   Insurance Coverage … Many of our clients require or insist on the consultant possessing Errors & Omissions insurance.  POG qualifies and has a $1 million E&O insurance policy along with $5 million in general liability.

7.    Established Processes and Programs POG’s approach to print optimization is fact based with sufficient financial content to ensure the business case to proceed is justifiable.A POG assessment is accountant proof and auditor friendly (refer to Deloitte audit). The deliverable is a solid business case to justify and support change, versus a compilation of end user interviews or an automated computer program that spits out pre-determined responses to support a hardware acquisition.

8.     Unique Methodology Our unique assessment methodology is scalable well established and proven.For example, we can save time and money by conducting a sample inventory and extrapolating with a high degree of accuracy. No one can match the accuracy of our extrapolation algorithms.

9.     Experience POG has conducted over 160 assessments during the past 17 years.We have identified $142 million in annual savings for our clients.Each of our subject matter experts have between 15 and 30 years of experience.

10.  Developed Print Knowledge Database© PKD Benchmarking and comparing a client’s environment to industry best practices is critical to determining future directions.POG has developed the PKD which houses real-life print elements and price information for over 160 clients.The PKD is used for benchmarking, best practice comparisons and to generate accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Sustainment Indicators (KSIs or “green” metrics).

11.  Holistic View versus a Narrow View of Print POG will analyze distributed print, central reprographics, production print, forms and imaging / scanning infrastructure in order to generate a holistic view of print and a complete picture of all financial ramifications. The alternative partial view can incorrectly skew decision making.The Print Optimization Program will address all aspects of the project from assessment through transition planning, governance, go to market RFP process, deployment and sustainment.