A World Without Consultants
Before you get too excited about the prospects of a world with no consultants, please keep in mind that I am a consultant and do thoroughly enjoy my career choice.  This blog then will be biased in favor of consultants and is more of a rant than a blog.  Sorry about that!!  Every now and then I run into companies that simply do not want to use consultants.  “We have it covered” they say or “No need for any external assistance” is the push-back comment.  In some cases, I am sure that is true.  Priorities and timing often impact the decision to use consultants are not.  The response … “We don’t need you ‘because we know it all already” … is of course my favorite.  Thus the world without consultants begins, or not … and do you really believe what you just said?

Consultants have, or are suppose to have in-depth experience and knowledge in a particular niche that if applied in an organization, can help them achieve greater or better results quicker.  How can individuals in organizations that have to juggle 20 different tasks on a daily basis know more than the consultant who specializes in one particular area?  I know it is an excuse to get rid of the consultant, but it seems there might be a better way to dismiss a consultant that is not required.  In a world without consultants, each company would have to know everything about everything.  That just does not seem reasonable or possible.

Consultants serve a valuable role in the world.  We address issues or requirements that others do not have the time, skills or experience to solve on their own.  We make clients look good or we take the blame when things do not go well.  Those are all valuable services for sure.  So I encourage you to invite a consultant in and have a chat.  They may know stuff that could be of immense value.  We are not all scary and in fact, sometimes we can add a touch of humor to your day!  We fill a knowledge void, unless of course you already know it all!!  Come on … really?