A Time for Giving … A Christmas Print Story

The POG Consulting team requested a cheery Christmas blog versus the more standard “Scrooge-humbug-what’s-wrong-with-the-print-world” blog.  I reluctantly agreed, but did remind them that I blog about strange and unexplainable occurrences in the print marketplace.   Apparently Halloween is the place for those blogs, not Christmas.   Allow me to share a Christmas blog about giving.  This is based on a true story.  Please cue the “suspense” music combined with the whole Christmas cheer thing in the background.  I am trying to set a mood here.

Just like children at Christmas time, the client was most excited to hire POG Consulting to create a new corporate print strategy that would improve productivity and save a lot of money. For the purpose of this story, we will assume the savings were for Christmas bonuses.  The assessment report identified a 35% savings over the current costs.  Well boys and girls, it certainly looks like the Christmas bonuses are going to be most impressive!

This Christmas story takes a sinister twist as we see the vendor, dressed as Santa Claus, talking to the client about what they want for Christmas.  Up on Santa’s knee goes the client with a list of savings and productivity improvements for the corporate print environment.  Ho-ho-ho says Santa, … “You just leave all those printer configuration details for me and my elves.”  I am going to assume the client became spell-bound as Santa repeated his famous “ho-ho-ho” line.  It so happened that Santa had pre-selected the gifts the client was to receive.  All he had in his big ol’ toy bag were large expensive color multi-functional devices.  The funny part was that these were not even on the client’s Christmas list!!  Not to worry.  Santa knows all and is a very trustworthy sole!

Christmas day came and all those big, bright shinny color MFDs were strategically placed under the tree and all around the office. What a wonderful surprise for all the kids and what a terrific gift for the client … all this for the same price as black & white.  Christmas is truly a wonderful and magical time of year!!  Everyone gets to print in color!!  Wow!!  But wait …  little Timmy notices that his gift was missing.  Little Timmy needed money for the operation.

Timmy wanted to ask Santa where the 35% savings gift was, so serious corporate amputations could be avoided, but Santa was gone and Christmas was now over for another year.  Santa had given the gift of color and in exchange, had taken the precious gift of cost reductions.  Timmy was very sad, and yes, he unfortunately lost his leg.  The next year Santa gave him a crutch along with a print monitoring report showing that according to Santa everything was indeed just fine….Ho ho ho   The End.